Services And Rates 

We can  clean just about anything from Leather and UGG boots to drapes
 and table cloths. Please ask for pricing for these items and tailoring

 We have partnered with Goodwill Inc. to allow you to drop off your clothing items that you would like to donate. We will provide you with a Goodwill Tax deduction receipt so you can save money and help others!

Wash, Dry, and Fold of Laundry is  Just $1.10 per pound

Dry Cleaning 

 Men shirts Laundered  $2.35  

Pants $5.85

Suits $11.85

Blouses $5.85

Winter Coat $14.25
Shirts dry clean $5.85

Sports coat $6.70

Neckties & Hats $ 4.50

Sweaters $5.85

Dresses $ 12.50

 Skirts  $ 5.85

Please as for additonal Pricing.


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