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FYI- This area is for JWU students only! All other students and local professionals can go to the "Home Service" page for info; after you go back to the location page
One of the greatest challenges for students is time management
. Your time is too valuable to spend it doing tedious laundry. The average student spends hours a week doing laundry not including folding and stain treatment.This time should be spent studying, working and building relationships. Don't waste the best years of your life dealing with dirty laundry, we are here for that..


 Why Choose Effortless:

Ensure that your uniform and clothing has a professional appearance at all times.

Avoid the inconvenience and cost of keeping track of a card, buying detergent, fabric softener, bleach and stain remover.

Maintain good grades by leaving extra time to study and have one less thing on your mind.

Ensure that you live in a clean environment with clean clothing and sheets at all times. You and your roommate will appreciate that.

Keep your room and closets organized with neatly folded laundry, Are you really going to sit and fold laundry for hours?

Relieve Mom of any extra chores when you visit.

Always have clean folded clothing to wear without thinking about where its stuffed or, “maybe its not that dirty”

 I have better things
to do, do you?
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