Frequently Asked Questions
Attention!- This area is for JWU STUDENTS ONLY! Click  location page then "Home Service" for all other questions or call 401-203-9844.

JWU students- Please do not contact JWU for questions. Contact us directly.


How much laundry can I have washed each week?

There are no overage charges or weight limits. You can stuff your bag to meet your needs. It fits over 25lbs! If you need more just ask. Only one bag is used each week.

 What kind of payment does Effortless Laundry accept?

We  accept cash, checks, and money orders Mail checks to Effortless Laundry 320 Friendship St, Providence RI, 02903. We can also take payments over the phone very quickly. Call 401-203-9844

 What kind of detergents does Effortless Laundry use?

We use the best commercial grade detergents that are also environmentally safe. If you need special hypoallergenic and or all natural perfume free detergent please put it on our "Try It" form.

 How and when do I sign up?

 Fill out the simple form on the "TRY IT" page. We will contact you shortly after or feel free to call 401-203-9844 anytime.

 Where and when can I drop off and pick up my laundry?

 Simply drop off your bag of laundry at the front desk of your dorm on Thursday before 10am or by 2pm for Culinary students with late classes. Let us know if you have a unique schedule.

 What if I cannot pick up or drop off my laundry?

 We can hold clean laundry if needed, just call.You can also have another student  pickup or drop off your laundry for you.

 How do I make sure that my bag is not misplaced?

Each bag will have a unique id number.

Does effortless laundry offer any other services besides laundry?

We do alterations, shoe repair and anything a full service dry cleaner can do. We can wash and dry clean just about any type of garment you can think of. Just ask!


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