It’s as Effortless as 1,2, 3,     We love to hear your questions and concerns so please contact us about anything! Please do not contact JWU for questions. We do have an agreement with the school that protects students but we are an independent company.

  The first step is to fill out the quick form on the "Try It" page. Payments in the form of check can be mailed or pay over the phone in 2 minutes!  Once we have confirmed your sign up we will leave your laundry bag at the front desk of your dorm.  This is the same bag that will be used every time you use the service.Feel free to call us at 401-203-9844 anytime.
  Once you have your bag simply load up your bag as much as you like and drop it at the front desk of your residence hall on Thursday before 9am or by 2pm for culinary students with early class . Remember to empty pockets and only place clothes that can be washed and dried in your bag.

  The last step is to pick up you’re clean laundry on Sunday from the front desk. Now go and enjoy college life while others are stuck in the laundry room!

Expert handling of your garments

Once we have received your garments we will address any particular stains and then separate white and dark garments. Each students clothing will be taken care of individually and not washed with another students. Each load will be washed with top quality safe detergents and fabric softener.
The drying process will consist of low to medium heat to protect fabrics.  Upon completion of drying your clothing will be immediately folded in a meticulous manner to avoid excess wrinkles, then placed in a plastic to protect them during transport.  All uniforms and will be hung. If requested they will receive a detailed press or the T-press. We even wash and dry your laundry bag!

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