We are not on or near campus so please call today to avoid service delays. 

$25 off the price below Until Wednesday 8/31/19. Pricing is per each trimester. Save more if you pay for the entire year or two trimesters.

No obligation, money back
guarantee at anytime, for any reason
No questions asked!

          For  $255 Per trimester 
Never worry about laundry again! 
This includes a FREE bag that you can stuff with over 25lbs
of laundry at one low price! For our wash, dry and fold
service every week! No need to separate clothing or do
anything else, simply drop off and pick up.  It’s Effortless!

 For $355 Per Trimester

Detailed ironing & T- Press for chef uniforms with regular laundry service or just uniforms dry cleaned and uniform related items such as Aprons & Towels.  Basically this option covers everything you need for class if you have uniforms.

If you have a special request?
Ask and we will design a plan to fit your needs!
Simply fill out the quick form on our "Try it" page
than call to pay over the phone
We will do everything we can to make you happy!

P.S you must call by August 31st for the JWU special rate!! Call 401-203-9844 Now!!


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