"Its obviously a major time saver to have my laundry picked up and returned
cleaned, but I didn’t realize how having neatly folded clothing made it so much easier to organize my drawers and entire room. Now I actually know where to find my stuff when I need it."
Omar Elhaggar Class of 2010                                  

"Its nice not having to spend money on a new chef uniform just because it has to many stains for class
. I just don’t have the time to treat them every week.  They’re easy to get dirty but a pain to clean. With Effortless I know that all my stains will be treated each time to avoid those tough set in stains.”
                                                        Michael Levitt Class of 2011

"I enjoyed being able to have time to do other things and still have clothes to wear
. I didn’t have to worry about getting up and trying to get into a machine, getting cleaning supplies, folding, and everything else. The service is convenient and effortless, LOL."

                                                    Courtney Drake Class of 2011
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